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Child mental/emotional health venture builder 

From an article by Zinc

Zinc have launched their fourth Venture Builder Programme, during which Founders will work "To ensure that every child and young person can develop and maintain good mental and emotional health".

The Programme starts in October 2021 but applications need to be in by June 25th 2021.

The Zinc 12 month London based Venture Builder Programme consists of two 6 month phases: Venture Builder & Accelerate.

70 individuals will be selected to join the 6 month Venture Building Phase during which they choose a problem within the mission to solve, match with their co-founder(s), and start testing a solution. By month 6, Zinc will decide which of the new companies will progress and the incorporated ventures will be chosen to enter the next phase of the programme, Accelerate. Each of the chosen ventures will secure a £75,000 pre-seed investment from Zinc and receive intensive support to grow their business.

For more information about the time and/or structure of the programme visit the Zinc website and read the Manifesto.

They are looking for creators and innovators from a variety of backgrounds, including clinicians, engineers, financial services experts, creative designers, researchers, serial entrepreneurs, product managers, NGO innovators, life scientists, teachers, and others.

All of the Founders will share a passion to create commercial businesses from scratch within one or more of the 9 opportunity areas in their Manifesto:

  • Strong and Supportive Families
  • Access to Effective Therapies
  • Thriving at School and College
  • Positive Recreation
  • Positive Beliefs, Emotions & Skills
  • Relationships and Sex
  • Targeted Interventions for High-Risk Behaviours & Conditions
  • Healthy Behaviours
  • Fairer Life Chances

They are looking for founders who have:

  • Ambition and drive
  • Commitment to social impact
  • Commercial mindset
  • Fresh insight
  • Creativity
  • Comfort with uncertainty
  • Obsession with meeting user needs
  • Power to mobilise supporters
  • Ability to get things done

There is a lot of support from experts helping to develop the business idea, test the product, build the business, get traction with users and gain investment.

Is there an issue re child mental and/or emotional health you are passionate about? Do you want to investigate if you can create a commercial venture with social impact? Are you willing to give time and energy to this?

From an article by Zinc, 25/05/2021
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