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Covid inspires music star 

From an article in Sorted magazine

Songwriter Harry Connick Junior has revealed the extent of the heartbreak and loss he has been forced to endure during the devastating Covid-19 pandemic.

Like many people, the American star has suffered dearly due to the global pandemic, losing friends and family members to the deadly virus.

But rather than become depressed at the severity of the situation, he has used his feelings to create a new album, which he hopes will reach out to many people who have endured similar experiences during the last 15 months.

“Sometimes, I think most of the time, I felt pretty good,” he told Sorted. “But I lost a lot of friends, family members and those are hard things to deal with out of a pandemic.

“But when you can’t go to funerals and you can’t have closure, that’s very, very hard, as most people who have gone through this pandemic know. So, yes, there were many times when I was very down and sometimes I didn’t feel like making music. But, you know, most of the time I was able to sort of try to collect my thoughts and sort of channel them through some of these songs [on my new album].”

Connick Jnr recorded Alone With My Faith by himself when the pandemic was at its height in the US. As its title suggests, it is a personal account of the singer’s personal faith journey.

“These songs are sort of real-time reflections on what I was feeling over the last year or so during this pandemic,” he adds. “It was an opportunity to record in a way that I had never done to this extent.”

The full interview with Harry Connick Jnr can be found in the July-August edition of Sorted magazine.


From an article in Sorted magazine, 25/07/2021
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