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Music is a gift. It’s a wonderful gift.

Music moves us. It has the power to transport our minds and imaginations to another time or place. It creates memories - years after hearing certain songs for the first time, hearing those songs again brings back brings back emotions, including heartaches, love, exhilaration, individual expression, passion, happiness, etc.  

Music changes us and transforms us. It changes our mood from sad to happy or even from happy to sad. Music brings us joy and sometimes move us to tears. It heals us. It helps ease our pain and our hurts. It lifts up the spirit.

Konnect Radio is the UK’s positive alternative. A national radio station dedicated to bringing positive, safe, family friendly, 100% clean, contemporary content with added fun, laughter and great music.

In addition, we believe that music helps people on a spiritual journey whether that be a new encounter or developing existing faith. So, as part of the mix, we bring contemporary Christian music to you and hope this helps you on your journey. As Plato said, “music is an art imbued with the power to penetrate into the very depths of the soul.”

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Hello and welcome to Konnect Radio!
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Welcome to Konnect Radio

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