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A campaign in USA designed to create cultural change in the way people think about Jesus and his relevance in their lives. After extensive research, it launched in March 22. Already ads have had 200m+ YouTube views, 2Bn+ impressions on TV/media.
The Chosen is a crowdfunded, historical drama using the Bible as primary source of truth. It has over 400M views. Director, Dallas Jenkins tells his story..
Gareth discusses this question with Tom Price, a speaker at The Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics. "I think there is a responsibility on each of us to say, 'Let me look into the gospel..'"
An 8 minute award winning animation inspired by true events and filled with messages of empathy and hope, Umbrella follows Joseph's story, a boy who lives in an orphanage and dreams of having a yellow Umbrella.
A study from longitudinal data from 11k couples, examining what factors are linked to how relationships have been doing. Gives insights into what you should look for/strengthen in a relationship.
“There’s benefits to music involvement; recovering from traumatic experiences, fostering positive experiences with learning and developing interpersonal skills - so essential to life."
A modern day re-telling of the parable of the prodigal son. In rural England, a father and his two sons run the family business. But their relationships are torn apart when the youngest son..
Ryan Reynolds plays Free Guy, a character who takes for granted the mayhem going on where he lives. He is a character in the world’s most popular video game. However, he begins to question his surroundings and the meaning of life...
Forgiveness is a deeply personal choice independent from seeking justice or atonement. Forgiveness improves physical health, mental wellbeing, and relationships across all ages.
It’s counterintuitive for some people, but if you’re not having the best day, you should think about doing something nice for someone instead of concentrating on yourself.
Like many, Harry Connick Jr suffered due to the pandemic, losing friends and family. Rather than become depressed, he used his feelings to create a new album, which he hopes will reach out to those with similar experiences.
Reforestation is a key focus for search engine, Ecosia. Since launch in 2009, it has planted more than 120 million trees in 26 countries globally – an effort that has benefited hundreds of communities.
Unlike foodbanks, which offer emergency food, when families join Community Grocery, they can go back each week and choose food, sourced from surplus supplies, they want to buy. This gives people dignity and not just a hand-out, also access to other help.
If you give a little love. Little acts of kindness multiply as this short video shows...
Prayer plays a significant role in helping those who have experienced trauma and live with mental health consequences. It is a vital way many people use to cope with everyday life and trauma history.
James Foxx talks about the role his faith has played in his various careers… as a comedian, a musician, an actor, and an inspiration. "It’s all about Jesus to me. I feel that no matter what I do or say in my life, Jesus understands.."
With increased transparency, brands and consumers can identify whether or not people are being exploited in the supply chain or if the environment is being harmed. An example social enterprise in Nepal.
Are we preparing our children to be happy and free adults as we immerse them in a society where image is king and consumerism seems to control us? Some insights from parents...
Compassion affects the brain, cardiovascular health, slows ageing, increases emotional connections and motivates kindness...
“There are difficulties in having success young, and any journey to the top of an industry involves a roller-coaster of ups and downs. There is often a great deal of money which becomes equal to power in our world..."
"I am encouraged because anything that is spoken out, anytime the truth is being told, we have a choice. We can move in the right direction or we can stay stagnant. And it feels like the majority really want..."
If the last few months have taught us anything, it has been recognising the value and importance of relationships. One man's story...
A film that highlights the common stigma in families against expressing emotional vulnerability. It presents a portrait of intergenerational trauma, grief, and secrets about things left unsaid...
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