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Free Guy 800
Free Guy 

By Andy Godfrey
One of my all-time favourite films is 1998’s The Truman Show. Jim Carey played Truman; a character trapped inside a reality TV show – except that he didn’t know it. The same can be said for Ryan Reynolds character in this delightfully entertaining, action packed, slice of pure fantasy.
Released to great acclaim this summer, the film can now be viewed in the comfort of your own home and, trust me, it’s well worth seeing.
Reynolds plays Free Guy, a character who works in a bank and takes for granted the mayhem going on all round him in the City where he lives.  The daily shootings, bank robberies , chaotic car chases and crashes are all just part of daily life and he actually thinks nothing of them. This is because he is a computer-generated character in the world’s most popular video game.  However, as the film progress’s Free Guy does begin to question his surroundings and the meaning of his life.
This is because he is developing Artificial Intelligence. He’s becoming self-aware. The consequences of this, and there will be no spoilers here, is that he ends up meeting his creators and helping them to save the day against the bad guy who wants to take control of the game away from them. Because so many people around the World are playing the game 1000’s end up rooting for Free Guy – just as they did for Truman.
This is a wonderful film that had me laughing, gasping, welling up and cheering.  It certainly is a contender for one of the films of the year and the most fun I had at the cinema this summer.
The thought of “meeting your creator” is something that every human being considers at some point.  Is there a creator?  Do we meet him when we die?  Why did he create us and why are we here? Many tell us that we will never know the answer to those questions.  As Christians, we have a different perspective on things.  We do believe that there is a God – and we believe that it’s possible to meet Him.   When Jesus came, he said “anyone who has seen me has seen the Father”. So, I invite you take a good look at Jesus and see in Him the God who created you and loves you.
Do try and catch Free Guy, it’s great fun but remember your creator is out there just waiting for you to meet up with Him”

Stars: Ryan Reynolds & Jodie Comer
Director: Shawn Levy
Running time: 1 hr 55
Available now on DVD/BLU RAY and to download on various platforms. 

By Andy Godfrey, 01/11/2021
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