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He Gets Us 

From a campaign by He Gets Us

He Gets Us is a campaign in the USA designed to create cultural change in the way people think about Jesus and his relevance in their lives.  After extensive research and pilots in 2021, which generated 31M TV impressions, 196M YouTube views and 95M outdoor advert impressions, the campaign launched in March 2022. Already the ads have drawn 200+ million YouTube views and over 2 billion impressions on TV and digital media.

It’s designed to increase the respect and relevancy of Jesus among those who are sceptical about Christianity. With thought-provoking and sometimes edgy ads like 'Outrage', 'Cancelled', and 'Wrongly Judged', the campaign invites people to take a fresh look at Jesus and see that he experienced struggles, just like we do.  
They want people to see that Jesus isn’t some irrelevant historical figure who doesn’t relate to them in the modern world. He has experienced every human frailty and vulnerability. He’s for everyone. He has the answers to life’s most pressing problems. He understands us. He “gets us.”

They hope to create a revived interest in Jesus in their culture - a culture that’s increasingly confused about who Jesus was. Jesus is becoming less known and less relevant to the majority of Americans - especially the under-40s.

View the 60 second 'Dinner Party' ad here:

And the 60 second 'Wrongly Judged' ad here:


From a campaign by He Gets Us, 23/06/2022
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